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St. Louis Blues at Vancouver Canucks, Feb 17, 2013

Tonight's the last game of a short three-game road trip for the Blues. Will they be able to close it out with a road win before facing off against the San Jose Sharks on Tuesday?

Derek Leung

Hockey fans are interesting people, Canadian ones, especially. In Canada, this is normal:


I'm not sure what a video recreation of tonight's game would look like -- Johnny taking on a blue polar bear and getting eaten, I guess. Anywho, it's Jake Allen against Roberto Luongo in net tonight, but before you get too excited about Jake the Snake, keep your eyes on the bench.

Barring warm-up disaster, Jaroslav Halak will be backing up Allen tonight, and could be good to go on Tuesday night against the San Jose Sharks. Looks like our fortunes are looking better. If the Blues can keep up their quality of play, that five-game losing streak will be just a thing of the past and a blip on the radar.

Let's win this one. Let's make Johnny Canuck cry. Let's go Blues.