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Sharks At Blues Preview: Will The Floundering Sharks Ever Get Back On Track?

Hopefully they can put that off for a game, because the Blues are fresh off of a three-game roadtrip and need to add another W to the win column.


The San Jose Sharks have gone winless since January 31st. While the Blues had the good sense to stop losing, the Sharks seem to have taken it to new heights. Despite the streak, they've still managed to stay at third place in the Pacific Division, but it looks like their confidence level is shot and it's only a matter of time before they slip in the standings.

Blues fans could be forgiven a little bit for feeling sorry for them, but not tonight. Four of the five games of the Blues' losing streak came during the last homestand, which was the worst in years at Scottrade. Luckily rookie goaltender Jake Allen has been turning in some good performances that he can only hope to build on, and Jaroslav Halak is back and probably backing up tonight. Halak only got a portion of one game against the Sharks in the playoffs, but he started two games against them in the regular season. He won both, with an absurd .50 GAA and a .977 SV%. Tonight won't be easy for Joe Thornton and his crew.

Jake Allen, obviously, is riding his three game win streak and has been making absurd saves left and right. The Sharks can't be happy they're dealing with him, either.

Of course, you also can't write off a team that's been on a streak like that. They're either angry or dejected, and if they're angry, the Blues need to keep their eyes on them. That is, if they can keep them open. Getting back at 3:00 this morning thanks to a screwed up airplane might sap some of that jump out of their step.

The Sharks haven't been scoring much. During their losing streak, they've netted just eight goals in their last seven games. Several of those games have been very tight one-goal losses, so they've been getting the defense, just not the scoring. If the Blues can limit their shot chances tonight, the Sharks might have another loss on their hands.