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GameThread for San Jose Sharks at St. Louis Blues, Feb 19, 2013

Will the Sharks break their seven-game losing streak, or will the Blues and Jake Allen stand tall and keep their wins rolling?

Dilip Vishwanat

Everyone's focused on the playoff matchup potential tonight, but to me the more important thing to look at is who is going to win. Frankly, who cares that this is a playoff rematch? Do you seriously think that the San Jose Sharks are looking for revenge right now? No, they're looking for a win. Do you think that the Blues are thinking back to last post-season, or do you think they're looking forward to strengthening their playoff position?

Honestly, manufactured storylines drive me nuts. Let's not make this anything other than what tonight is -- a hockey game where two very important points are on the line. Also, a hockey game where a very tired team from St. Louis will be playing. Here's hoping the loud Scottrade crowd will balance out the terrible nightmare flight from hell home that the team had.

This is your game day thread. Go on and marvel at Patrick Marleau's eyebrows, but not too much -- you might miss a stellar Jake Allen save.

Let's go Blues.