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Blues At Avalanche Morning Open Thread

If you looked up "jetlag" in the dictionary right now, there'd be a picture of the Blues in there next to it. After a game where they were obviously tired against the San Jose Sharks, the Blues get to fly all of the way out to Colorado for a late tilt against the Avalanche.

Doug Pensinger

Let's face it -- no one can be terribly upset with how the Blues played last night in their 2-1 loss to the San Jose Sharks. They were tired thanks to a 15 hour layover in Vancouver, and it showed. Aside from an onslaught in the second period, the Blues didn't show too much life. It's fine. We've all gone in to work after sleeping for three hours. You feel like absolute complete and total death. Now, imagine playing a hockey game like that.


So, of course, that means that the Blues get to play a back-to-back tonight against the Colorado Avalanche! The Avs have been having issues this year on so many levels. They're currently in 12th place in the Western Conference, and one game above .500.

Check back later for some Road Music, hopefully a Three Questions with the guys from Mile High Hockey, a preview, a game day thread, and a probably very sleepy re-cap. The game's on NBCSN again, and puck drop's at 9:00. How you guys from Europe do it, I don't know.