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GameThread for St. Louis Blues at Colorado Avalanche, Feb 20, 201

It's a late game tonight, with the NBCSN broadcast starting at 9:00 Central. Will you be able to stay awake for the game? More importantly, will the Blues?

Doug Pensinger

I abhor these late start games, but them's the breaks if you're a Western Conference team. It's Jaroslav Halak against Semyon Varlamov tonight. Varly has one win in his last five starts, and has given up 19 goals during that time. Halak? He's been nursing a sore groin and has been out for the last eight games.

The defense looked good against the Sharks last night for the most part, but the offense looked sluggish and almost half asleep. Wonder why. The Blues will have a chance to fix that tonight, but I'm fairly sure the travel to Denver hasn't done them too awful much good. This one might be another snoozefest tonight, but one thing's for certain -- if you stay up late enough, you'll see a recap by one Brad Lee.

This is your Game Day Thread. Pretend that there's a rivalry between these two teams -- heck, take a shot every time NBC forces a rivalry upon us. Visit Mile High Hockey and say hi. And most of all, Let's Go Blues.