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Blues Lose Late In Overtime; Vladimir Tarasenko Injured, Didn't Return

In his return to the ice for the first time he was injured on Feb. 1, Jaroslav Halak played well despite giving up the game-winning goal with under 17 seconds to play in Overtime.

Jerry Halak was strong in net before losing on a fluke shot that deflected off a skate late in overtime. And no we're not making excuses,. Step off.
Jerry Halak was strong in net before losing on a fluke shot that deflected off a skate late in overtime. And no we're not making excuses,. Step off.
Doug Pensinger

After a well-played game by Jaroslav Halak, he came away as a hard-luck loser in overtime at Colorado in a 1-0. Defeat. The Blues still got the charity point. The Blues deserved better after controlling much of the action and outshooting the Avalanche 33-20 for the game. But Halak was fooled on a simple wrist shot from David Jones that fluttered after deflecting of Blues defenseman Kevin Shattenkirk's skate boot. The puck, moving end over end, caught the upper corner on Halak's glove side. Who the fuck is David Jones? I thought it was Doug Jones. He looks like a Doug (no offense, any Dougs out there).

The clock had less than 17 seconds left in the overtime period.

The story for the Blues at Avalanche Wednesday night the first 48 minutes of the game was the return to the ice of Halak. And then with just under 12 minutes to play in the third, Vladimir Tarasenko was helped back to the dressing room after a blind-side hit by Mark Olver.

Tarasenko was near the boards in his own end and was backhanding the puck back to a teammate. He was facing down the ice, but was turned, looking over his shoulder. Coming from his front side, Olver laid a hard...mostly clean hit on the rookie Russian. Tarasenko never saw him, got knocked flat backwards and possibly hit his head on the ice. When he rolled over, cameras caught a dazed look on his face, his eyes rolling back in his head. He was spitting out blood. It took a minute for him to gather himself and then he was helped back to the dressing room, at first to address the blood in his mouth and then probably to assess a possible concussion.

On the slow-motion replay, it looked like Olver's shoulder hit Tarasenko in the head. Front row Blues fans behind an arguing Ken Hitchcock were pointing their elbows. While Olver raise his hand on the hit, he didn't stick his elbow out. It doesn't mean that the the next time the Blues and Avalanche play that Olver won't have to answer for the hit. He probably will. That's how these things work. But it's not like the guy will be suspended or fined.

Of course Tarasenko didn't return to the game. We'll say it: He's day to day with an upper body injury.

Back to the goaltending. Jerry looked sharp in his first game back since he was injured in a Feb. 1 game at Detroit. He had to be anxious to get back out there and show the struggling Brian Elliott and upstart Jake Allen that this is his team, No. 1 goaltender is his job. He was quick, he was smooth, he looked rock solid.

There is a theory out there on the internets that Halak plays better when he has legitimate competition for playing time. Allen is giving him that. It will be interesting if they keep the three goaltenders on the roster or if they send Allen back to Peoria for playing time. I don't want to see Elliott again for a long time, so I hope they don't make a change.

The save of the night came in overtime. A tw0-on-one for the Avs led by Paul Stastny came down. Stastny put the shot on net, Halak closed the pads on his knees and then turned to look for the puck behind him. It was in the crease, right in front of him. The Avs poked at the puck twice before Halak knew where it was. Without even knowing it, he made the saves.

Around here, we used to shoot some bullets after most games. Ready, fire, aim.

  • It seemed like Matt D'Agostini had some energy late in the third period. He had a couple shifts the last six minutes of the game and sparked some offensive chances. He doesn't want to take up residence in the press box. He has to be thinking that every shift is a possible audition for a trade considering he doesn't seem to be a big piece of the puzzle here anymore.
  • A little birdie told us before the season started that in 1995, the New Jersey Devils used 33 players over the course of the 48-game regular season on the way to winning the Stanley Cup. The Blues so far have used 24 players. So expect some additional faces to get playing time this season.
  • I know there are more offensively talented forwards than Vladimir Sobotka, but that dude is playing well right now. I don't think he can keep it up. I don't think he's going to really deserve third-line minutes much longer, but he's been dangerous the last 10 days.
  • So there's the fucking airplane drama in Vancouver and flying in the middle of the night after waiting 15 hours. They had a letdown at home against San Jose. I'm sure it was a quiet flight in the middle of the night to Colorado. And then they outplayed the Avalanche the first three periods and then let it slip away after almost five more minutes of hockey where the Avs actually outshot them 4-2 in the extra period. I'm not making excuses, I'm just saying it's been a brutal three days for this team and we shouldn't be shocked they didn't have the strongest overtime finish.
  • Hey Pitbull, you make me not want to drink Bud Light. Go fuck yourself.
  • I feel bad that Erik Johnson didn't play and has a hurt head. But should we be surprised that a guy who somehow blows his knee out on a golf course (drunken demolition derby, anyone? Allegedly.) doesn't have the most sterling of careers? We should have known then what we know now: Eeeej can be a good NHL defenseman; he will probably never be a great one.
  • Seriously Pitbull. Get off my TV. I might go find some Miller Lite. Gotta support the Stillman anyway. And I hate you.
  • Snow and ice are coming. You got your milk, bread and eggs? French toast is the absolute best thing to eat while watching it snow.

I miss anything, assholes? I'm a bit rusty with this online shit. The future is all about the printed word, sold on street corners by people bundled up like the homeless. Anyway, you have an opinion, let me know down below.