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Ryan Reaves Needs Course On Ladder Safety

Ryan Reaves is a big boy and a big force on the Blues. Maybe his idea as to how to use a ladder isn't suited to his body type.

Doug Pensinger

Ladders make me nervous. They always have since I was a little kid. Shaky, rickety, never quite high enough... and those warning labels. All over the ladder, warning labels. Ladder could collapse! Make sure the joint is fully extended! DO NOT STAND ON TOP OF LADDER. That last one's probably the most obvious of any of them.

You can tell from the featured image in this story that maybe he missed that. During a game of soccer before hand, someone got a little carried away. As Scott Bierman from KMOV says:

Members of the team form a circle and try to keep the soccer ball from hitting the ground. It’s as simple as that. The idea of the warmup is to get the feet moving and coordination down.

I’ve come across this pregame warmup on multiple occasions on my way through the Scottrade Center en route to the press box. I’ve come close to being hit by an errant kick a time or two, but overall the players are impressive jugglers.

Not so much in Colorado. Maybe it was the thin air and the elevation or something along those lines, but the boys' soccer game was off. Thank goodness Ryan Reaves' balance wasn't.