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Blue Jackets At Blues Morning Open Thread: The Blues Are Well Rested; Are You?

Both teams are missing their Russian hot shots thanks to hits to the head, though they're both playing different games. The Jackets just defeated the Red Wings 3-2, while the tired Blues lost to the Colorado Avalanche 1-0 in overtime.

Dilip Vishwanat

There's something to be said for rest, and the Blues finally have it. After a terrible flight back from Vancouver and a flight two and from Denver, they're finally well rested and focused and ready to score goals.

Well, most of the team is. Vladimir Tarasenko is fortunate to know his own name. He's now on the IR after a hit from Colorado's Mark Olver left him dazed and confused on the ice. Chris Porter is up tonight, but he'll probably sit. It figures, really, that once the Blues get Jaroslav Halak back and he turns in a great performance, the team loses their young and dynamic rookie. Gotta keep it even, huh?

Columbus also lost their Russian young gun Artem Anisimov Thursday night. He was taken down by Kyle Quincey in an awkward tumble that left both players leaving the ice in pain and not returning. Will the two teams tonight be playing for their fallen Russki comrades?

Check back later for some Three Questions, a game preview, a Lighting the Lamp, and a game day thread. Also, hopefully a positive recap as well.