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Blue Jackets At Blues GameDay Preview: Can The Blues Win At Home?

The Blues haven't been playing well at Scottrade this season, going 3-4-1 so far in St. Louis.

Bruce Bennett

The last time that the Blues had a six game losing streak at home, it was way back in 2006, when the team was terrible. Now it's 2013, and the team is not? What gives? Last season the Blues had an amazing 30-6-5 home record. They were nearly unbeatable. Now? Well, now three of the Blues' home losses and one overtime loss came during that atrocious losing streak where everything seemed to get past Brian Elliott and the defense didn't care. One of those losses came after the Blues had a terrible night of travel home from Vancouver.

But it doesn't matter why they lost, necessarily -- what matters is that they did. Tonight against the Blue Jackets will be a chance to fix that. The Jackets are 5-10-2, and are 2-6-0 on the road. They just beat the Detroit Red Wings, so that should serve as a reminder than anything can happen.

Scoring needs to and can happen tonight. Patrik Berglund and Chris Stewart have both been excellent recently, and the last time that the Blues played the Blue Jackets they lit up probable starter Sergei Bobrovsky with three goals on 11 shots. There's a chance that can happen again tonight. If they Blues want to get back into the win column at home, they're going to need to step up the offense while making sure the good defensive play of the last several games stays intact.