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GameThread for Columbus Blue Jackets at St. Louis Blues, Feb 23, 2013

Time for the Blues to get back into the win column as the Blue Jackets come marching into town.

Ed Szczepanski-US PRESSWIRE

Six game home losing streaks are bad. Six game home losing streaks are bad... just keep repeating that to yourself, guys. It should be a different outcome for the Blues tonight. Jaroslav Halak is in net and will stay there past warm-ups this time, there hasn't been any terrible travel, and the Columbus Blue Jackets aren't exactly the toughest opponents.

That being said, weak dogs tend to bite, and bite hard, out of fear. The Jackets are still a NHL team despite the fact that they're currently dead last in the west, so selling them short would be a terrible mistake. When you start playing down to their level, that's when you have problems. The Blues have a tendency to accomodate lower performing teams a little bit too well. Listen, I get it, Midwesterners are nice. We don't have to be nice all of the time.

Go out there, get two points, get back in the win column, and make sure that the defense is as sharp as it has been the last couple of days.

Let's do this. Let's go Blues.