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Three Questions With Second City Hockey's Greg

Second City Hockey isn't run by the Committed Indian folks any more, but they're still an entertaining site to visit. Please head on over to check out their game day coverage, say hi, mention how much you hate their team but like their coach, whatever.

Here's today's edition of Three Questions with their fearless leader, Greg.

1. What caused the goaltending turn-around? I won't lie, I did expect for Ray Emery's hip to be an issue this year, but he's doing fine. Is it goaltending, or is it defense?

The goaltending is improved because the entire team is playing better defense. The forwards have been much more responsible in their own end compared to the last season. This allows the defensemen to play within themselves and therefore makes like easier on Corey Crawford and Ray Emery. Crawford doesn't seem to be rattled as easy as he was last season. The few occasions he has let in a soft goal he has responded with big saves. We fully expect Emery's hip to fall off at any moment.

2. Coach Q's contract is up after this season, right? What kind of extension do you see him getting, and do you think he deserves it?

Q is signed through the end of the 2013-14 season. If the Hawks make a deep run or win another Cup I would fully expect Q to get a contract extension. Coaches, just like players can have bad years, had Joel has admitted to having a bad year in 2011-12. He has this team focused on defense first, which was a concept lost last year. I can see them extended him another 2-3 years after 2014, and he should be one of the higher paid coaches in the league.

3. If and when your points streak comes to an end, will there be any disappointment? Frankly, I'd be using it against every opposing fan who tried to say something to one of you guys about beating you for the rest of the year.

I wouldn't be disappointed. To me, regular season records don't mean squat without that big silver thingy at the end of the year. Just ask the creepy Sedin twins and the traveling circus of asshats. I am sure the meatballs will want Q fired and everyone traded immediately after the first loss. This great start means nothing if the Hawks bow out in the first round again.