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Blackhawks At Blues Recap: Depleted Blues Outgunned By Blackhawks, Lose 3-0

The Blues didn't look like a team that just had a few days off, but they did look like a team that had injuries to their key players.

Dilip Vishwanat

I've seen better games from the Blues. That also includes their first game this season against the Blackhawks, where they took a whole period off and still managed to score two goals. Tonight? Just a couple of shifts and they drop the game 3-0. It says something about gumption when a team loses a whole line, plays a fairly decent game (save for that first goal) and then in the third period just gets too tired or apathetic to play.

I can't fault the Blues too much here, considering what they've lost, but it still would have been nice to have seen some more spark from the team on home ice. What was once the hardest place to play in the league is just another arena, and that's unfortunate. But hey, when you play like this, it happens.

The Blues, and us as well, don't have a lot of time to dwell. Tomorrow night brings the Edmonton Oilers, who aren't an easy win by any means. Sure, they might not exactly have a defense, but judging from the Blues' current GAA, neither do the Blues.

I don't have the energy to re-cap this on a work-night, much like the Blues didn't seem to have the energy to play the game tonight. Tomorrow? Who knows. Here's hoping Elliott's back on track.