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Predators At Blues GameDay Preview

The Predators are at Scottrade Center for the last time this season already -- time really flies when you're locked out for three months, huh?

Dilip Vishwanat

Hey, wait a sec. Weren't these guys just here? Why, I remember it just like yesterday... Jaroslav Halak's second shutout of the year, Patrik Berglund's penalty shot goal... hold on. This was last week, wasn't it? Good lord, this shortened schedule is making me feel like the season's almost over already. Only four games were scheduled between the Blues and Nashville Predators, and tonight is game three.

Game two was won in no small part to Jaroslav Halak, who as we all know is parked on the IR for the time being with a tweaked groin. Halak had to stop only 13 shots on January 24th for the victory; if the Blues' defense can manage that again, Brian Elliott should have no issues tonight whatsoever. Elliott also is 3-1-0 lifetime against the Preds with a teeny 1.14 GAA.

The Predators have been having problems scoring, to boot -- they've scored a minuscule 12 goals so far this entire season. They average 22.1 shots per game, which isn't helpful in the scoring department. Getting 1.5 goals a game is way too low for a NHL team, even if they are the defense first, gritty Nashville Predators. They allow just 2.12 goals a game, but simple math cal tell you that's more than they score, which explains their 3-2-3 record on the year.

The Blues and Preds don't meet again until April 9th. Check back tonight around 7:30 for the game day thread, and check back later on for your game recap.