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GameThread for Nashville Predators at St. Louis Blues, Feb 5, 2013

Will tonight be another convincing win for the Blues, or will we have to deal with yet another one goal game decided in a shootout?

Dilip Vishwanat

Games agains the Predators recently have been high scoring affairs for the Blues -- but you and I both know that's outside of the norm. Normally these two teams just keep on plugging along until the horn sounds to signal the end of regular play and then they soldier on through five more minutes of four on four overtime just to get to the shootout so both goalies finish with their shutouts intact.

Tonight's goalies aiming for dueling shutouts are Brian Elliott and Pekka Rinne. Rinne's got the stats, but Ells' team has the wins. Can the Blues get win number seven tonight? If they play smart and the refs keep their damn whistles in their pockets whenever David Backes checks, then sure. Speaking of Backes checking, while you wait for the game to start, has a great five questions Q&A with the Blues' captain.

"I've earned some rope, if you will, to go out there and play hard, play within the rules, and these hits to the head, that is the kind of ban that should be there. There are a lot of needless hits to the head when you're getting concussions and lasting effects that can really hurt a guy long term. For me, as a taller guy, I try to get down, stay compact, hit guys shoulder-to-shoulder. If there are bruised ribs, that's just part of the game. But trying to give a guy a concussion that could potentially affect his quality of life down the road? No, I want no part of that."

Good to know he's not trying to kill people. Puck drop is at 7:00 St. Louis time. Let's go Blues!