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Predators At Blues Recap: Blues Lose Thanks To Terrible First Period

The Blues had an otherworldly bad first period, allowing four easily stoppable goals, but tightened up play in the second and the third as to not completely embarrass themselves.

Dilip Vishwanat

The Blues hadn't allowed six goals at home since 2011. The Preds entered this game having scored just 12 goals on the season, but the Blues were kind enough to help them up that total by half. Pretty courteous, I would say.

This is going to be a quick recap. I'm tired, and there's not much to say. The Blues did everything they possibly could in the first period to make sure that they lost that game. Goals bounced off of their own stick and past a screened Brian Elliott, who was pulled for the first time since he joined the Blues last year. The defense was all over the place except for where they needed to be.

The team absolutely has to stop this "having a bad period" bullshit. In a shocking number of games this year, they've appeared to either be totally checked out or completely slow to get set. Sometimes that's understandable -- the second half of back-to-backs can be tiring. Games like tonight? Absolutely not. The Preds are the ones ending a seven game roadtrip, and the Blues are starting a homestand in one of the hardest arenas in the NHL to play in. This is a wasted opportunity.

Every team shits the bed once in a while, and I wouldn't be as worried about this if the Blues didn't seem to have a bit of an accident for at least a period of play a game. Maybe they need incontinence drugs. Who knows, but they need to tighten the sphincter if they want to defend that Central Division banner and contend for the Cup.