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Red Wings At Blues GameDay Stream: This Is Gonna Get Messy

The Blues need to bounce back in a big way after a 6-1 drubbing at the hands of the Nashville Predators. The Wings would love to get the home team back for their 6-0 loss on Scottrade ice. This should be a hum-dinger.

Dilip Vishwanat

Tonight's game between the Blues and the Red Wings should be tough. The Blues just got their asses handed to them 6-1 by the Nashville Predators, and would probably prefer to not have that happen again. I say probably, because the way that the team takes the occasional period off, it's hard to be sure. Whatever the reason for it, it needs to stop. It bit them in the butt Tuesday and it's going to bite them again unless they cut it out.

It should be Brian Elliott versus Jimmy Howard tonight. I'm not sticking up for Ells -- a couple of those goals were had to saves -- but the Blues seemed like they wanted to do some scoring on their own netminder more than Pekka Rinne. If the Blues' defense can remove their head from their asses and wake up tonight, Elliott won't have that problem. That, and the alternative is Jake Allen. After watching the first goal the Preds scored against him Tuesday, do you want him in net against the Red Wings?

Of course, the Wings lost Tuesday as well to the Calgary Flames, who have the second worst record in the NHL. So how does that bear on the outcome of tonight's game? Well, they'll probably be mad at themselves and will want to take it out on the Blues. Here's hoping the Blues are more pissed off than the Wings.

Start your early morning predicting here, and don't forget to check back later for Lighting the Lamp, possibly another installment of Three Questions, a game preview, and of course the gameday thread. Keep your fingers crossed that this recap'll be more pleasant to write than the last one.