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GameThread for Detroit Red Wings at St. Louis Blues, Feb 7, 2013

This game could turn into a lot of things -- defensively terrible for the Blues, unknown goaltending for the Wings, or just a frustration-laced penalty fest. Hopefully the Blues can fix some nagging problems that are coming to the surface.

Dilip Vishwanat

Let's face it -- the Blues haven't played very many complete games this season. So many games have been come-from-behind scrambles that it was bound and determined to catch up with them sooner or later. We saw glimpses of that in Chicago. The last game against the Red Wings had lapses in judgement from both refs and players. Would we have won if Backes didn't get tossed? Who knows.

And right now, who cares. New game, same opponent. The Blues need to get out there and play their game, not lay back and let whatever happens, happen. They control the outcome, not the refs, and they're just going to have to do better in their penalty killing -- they're in the bottom six in the league.

Maybe their power play can make up for lapses tonight -- Petr Mrazek is starting in net for the Wings in his NHL debut. He's been a good goalie in the AHL, as opposed to Jake Allen, who has been a goalie, I think. Maybe. Maybe a pylon in blue pads. Who knows? It won't be a gimmie, but if the Blues can exploit any nerves he might have, this game could go our way.

This is your GameThread. Bring the snark, bring the puppies. Hopefully there will be more use for the latter than the former tonight.

Let's go Blues!