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Ducks At Blues GameDay Morning Thread

Let's look at today as a new day, filled with new possibilities. Does this mean winning, or losing the game in a more creative way? Who knows. Power of positive thought, people!

Ed Szczepanski-US PRESSWIRE

Ok, so the Blues are on a three game losing streak in a shortened season. Ok, so they've pissed away whatever offensive prowess they might have shown. And sure, people are having panic attacks that probably aren't totally warranted.

That doesn't mean that the Blues can't win today's game! I mean, all it takes is Jaroslav Halak being healthy and the Blues putting the puck in the net, and... Hey, did I mention Teemu Selanne is in town?

Anywho, today's coverage might be more brief than usual. I have afternoon and dinner plans, so I'm flying by the seat of my pants here. Check back later for Three Questions with Anaheim Calling's Jen, a game preview that may or may not be coherent, and of course the Game Day Thread and recap. I'm hoping for a recap where I don't bitch the whole time, aren't you? I think you are.

Let's go Blues.