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Three Questions With Anaheim Calling's Jen Neale

It's the first time this season that the Blues've played a team from California, and of course it just has to be one of the hottest teams in the NHL. I got a chance to ask Anaheim Calling's Jen Neale three questions about the Ducks, and she asked me three questions about the Blues. I'll be linking up to their three questions right here! Enjoy!

I know number three isn't a question. I, like most people who were kids when he was a rookie, just consider Teemu a way of life.

1. What're your opinions on Bruce Boudreau as a coach? Are you pointing and laughing at the Capitals yet, or are you just laughing?

I LOVE Bruce Boudreau. I keep saying he's the best acquisition the Ducks have made in a long time. Not just because his offense-heavy coaching style fits the team perfectly but because of his attitude. He wants to talk to fans. He loves getting us fired up by taking swings at the Kings at fan events. Basically he's the polar opposite of Randy Carlyle.

As for the Caps, I am slightly happy they're suffering because it's karma for Ovechkin and his pissy attitude towards Bruce. Yet, it's that pissy attitude that got Bruce fired and then hired as our coach. I do feel a little bad for former Mighty Duck (I'm sure that's the jersey he'll be remembered in) Adam Oates. It can't be easy to have your first NHL head coaching job in a city that expects to win, have goaltender issues and your superstar is not even an eighth of the player he used to be.

So to answer your question, I'm trying not to laugh but they're making it very difficult.

2. Bobby Ryan or Ryan Getzlaf -- do either of them get traded, and if so, who do you see them getting traded for?

Right now, I don't see either player being traded. Well, I don't see either being traded while the team is winning.

Getzlaf's contract is up at the end of the season and several times he's expressed a desire to stay here. It's a 'no pressure' situation in Anaheim. Sure, us diehard fans will boo him because he's lazy as hell but a majority of our fanbase isn't concerned with details and love him. Work half as hard and for millions of dollars? Count me in. He'd have to demand a trade to leave. And I'm not sure any GM with eyeballs will give up much for him because he half-asses his play constantly.

Oh Bobby. Our sweet, young, incredibly sensitive, Bobby. I think he's happy right now? Can never be sure. He seems to click with Bruce and his system, something he never did with Carlyle. After three seasons of experiments, he's finally easing into playing center. As long as he's playing plenty of competitive minutes, he's content - I think.

If he wants to be traded, it's not like he's going to hold back from saying it to the media. Um, hello, drunk on a golf course over the summer, anyone?! He pulls the same crap every couple years. "Use me 'right' or trade me." He said this to Brian Burke two or three years after being drafted and now he has said the same to Bob Murray. He, over Getzlaf, has more trade value. Bobby has scored 30 goals every year in the league. He's a big body with great hands and he's got a couple more years left on his contract.

3. Teemu.

It's funny. On my desk at work, I have three picture frames. Two are me with my mom and dad. The other is me at 16 years old - wearing waaaay too much makeup - and a 29 year old Teemu (yeah, that long ago) from a Casino Night charity event held by the Mighty Ducks. I have two brothers who get zero desk space because of Teemu.

The Anaheim Ducks would be nowhere, hell, maybe not even a franchise still, if it weren't for Teemu Selanne. He and Paul Kariya created the greatest show on ice and stayed together just long enough to get people in Orange County to remember they had a hockey team. I truly do not know how the Ducks will operate without him. He is the face of our franchise and the true leader of the team. Getzlaf may wear the 'C' but it's Teemu's team, no matter what.

And let's be real, ladies. Like fine wine and George Clooney, he gets better with age.