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Ducks At Blues Recap: Blues Lose 6-5 In Shootout

The Blues started out playing like they needed to, but allowing three goals in 1:47 in the second period sapped the wind from their sales and continued their streak of frustrating play. For the fourth game in a row, the Blues have given up five goals.

Dilip Vishwanat

The Blues are masters of false hopes as of late. Their dominating three goal first period went poof the second the defense laid back off of the gas in the second. But hey, the first was fun to watch, wasn't it? Take what you can get, guys.

Alex Steen opened up the scoring on the power play at 6:21, finally scoring his first goal of the season on his 40th shot; it was also Kevin Shattenkirk's tenth assist on the year. The Blues' power play is such a far cry from last year's, and that's coming in handy, since that seems to be the main way that the Blues have decided to score goals this season.

Shortly after Steen scored, Bobby Ryan scored on an insanely soft shot which flittered past Brian Elliott. Ells absolutely has to have that shot. I understand that he's having confidence issues -- who wouldn't behind the Blues' terrible defense this year -- but this is something you have to save, no ifs, ands, or buts.

The Blues sprung back, though. This is a pleasant change from the past two games, where in the last two games the team would have rolled over. David Backes scored his second goal of the year and the first even strength goal since the debacle last Friday against Detroit. David Perron finished the period off with a goal of his own.

And then that's where the good stops. Sure, T.J. Oshie scored a weird goal that never should have gone in, but the Ducks scored four of those after the end of the first. The defense just apparently has fallen apart and has no idea how to stop anything -- for the first time since 2008 the Blues have allowed five or more goals for four games in a row. The defense is bunching together, leaving Ducks wide open, they're not putting forth effort, the forwards don't know the meaning of the word "backcheck," you name it.

It's not the offense that's the problem, it's the D, and someone needs to fix this issue ASAP. The addition of Ian Cole back into the line-up seemed to help initially, until you notice that Roman Polak was a -2 for the last two games and tonight was a -3. Too little effort.

Chris Stewart tied the game 5-5 in the third period to further baffle everyone and to force the game to overtime. That the Blues got one point out of tonight's game is insane. It's probably too generous. The game looked to be over with 22 seconds left in overtime, but Ian Cole's goal was waived off due to contact between Patrik Berglund and Viktor Fasth, which was pretty clearly incidental contact caused by Francois Beauchemin. The refs believed that Berglund could have stopped, ergo no goal for Cole.

The shootout was a bit of a back and forth, with Perron and Stewart, and Steen scoring for the Blues, and Saku Koivu, Perry, Ryan, Getzlaf and Nick Bonino scored for the Ducks, giving Anaheim the 6-5 win. The fact that either team won that game is something of an act of God.

Oh, hey, Halak's back on Monday. Thank God for small miracles.

One other thing: Teemu Selanne had a four point night. He's not human, and I'm about 110% sure that he'll play for at least 20 more years, give or take five. Whatever his secret is, he needs to bottle it and sell it.