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GameThread for Edmonton Oilers at St. Louis Blues, Mar 1, 2013

The Blues don't play at home again for eleven days -- can they at least hit the road with a win?

Dilip Vishwanat

Home isn't a surefire bet any more for the Blues, and that's unfortunate. Gone are the days of being an unstoppable force on their home ice, and here are the days of "why are they playing so poorly? It has to be because one of the players doesn't buy in to the system!"

It's no fun to lose. It's really no fun to be a team perfectly capable of winning who still losses. It's slightly more fun to be a team who beats teams that they should beat -- and tonight, they really should beat the Oilers. Will they? Who knows. Even a line down this shouldn't be a problem, seeing as how badly Edmonton plays at Scottrade, But, well, Chicago was beatable at Scottrade too, and then they had to go be predestined for something or another. Damn Blackhawks.

This is your game day thread. Hope that Taylor Hall gets distracted and winds up at the feed trough at Grant Farms instead of on the ice.

Let's go Blues.