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Blues At Ducks Morning Open-Thread: Spring Forward Edition

This is more of an afternoon open thread, but this is what happens when you adjust the clocks for no valid reason.

Ezra Shaw

Brace yourselves. No, not for the game, but for tomorrow morning. Tonight's false sense of "oh! The game starts at 7, but it really feels like six!" will soon turn into "Holy shit, why is my alarm clock going off at five-thirty?" Get your coffee and energy drinks ready to go before the game tonight. Overtime or not, you'll need them in the morning.

Someone who probably doesn't need any energy drinks is Vladimir Sobotka. His hat-trick was the reason that the Blues were able to win yesterday's game against the San Jose Sharks in overtime. What does the li'l firecracker have to say?

"I don’t even know how to describe this feeling," Sobotka said. "I’m so happy we got two points tonight. It’s very important to get the two points every game."

Well, that was modest.

Here's hoping someone helps get those two points again today.

Check back later for the usual spate of Game Day stuff, just probably an hour later than usual -- except for the GDT, which will be right on time.