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GameThread for St. Louis Blues at Anaheim Ducks, Mar 10, 2013

It's the end of the Blues' longest road trip so far of the season, and tonight they have a chance to finish with a winning record.


Jonas Hiller hasn't played a whole bunch this season, but when he has played, he has played very well. He's won four of his last five, his last start was a shutout, and has a 7-2-2 record. It's interesting that his record is so good, because his stats have seen better days. He has a 2.93 GAA and a .896 save percentage. His team's overcome the occasional clunker of a game from their goaltender, which is why they're leading the Pacific and the Blues are just trying to keep pace in the playoff hunt.

A clunker of a game from whatever goaltender is in the Blues' net usually starts a trickle-down effect of a defensive breakdown followed by a lack of scoring. The last game the Blues played against the Ducks broke that trend, at least as far as the offense goes. They lit up newcomer Viktor Fasth for five goals, but still managed to lose 6-5 in the shootout because the defense was unobservant and Brian Elliott couldn't stop a Mack truck if he wanted to.

Jaroslav Halak is back in net tonight, and despite a clunker in Los Angeles against the Kings, he gives the Blues a chance to win every night. The Blues just need to continue focusing their offense and they can break the Ducks' winning streak at home.

Also helpful would be some tightening at defense, but one thing at a time, people.

This is your Game Day Thread. Grab some cheese for for these quackers tonight, and get ready for hopefully the last game without Andy McDonald.

Let's go Blues.