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Sharks At Blues Morning Open Thread: Homestand Could Stand To Start With A Win

After the Blues went 2-3 on their Western road trip, they need to get back to the winning way of things at home. They begin with a team that they took down Saturday 4-3. Here's hoping Valdimir Sobotka is geared up and ready to go.


Vladimir Sobotka: Shark hunter? Apparently so -- he netted the Blues' three regulation goals in their 4-3 overtime win against the San Jose Sharks on Saturday. He has points in his last three games against San Jose. You can take that one of two ways -- either it was someone traditionally in a grinder role showing what he's more than capable of, or it's someone in a grinder role who is playing with the team in mind. As much I hope it's number one for Sobe's sake, I'm pretty ok with it being number two. The Blues need some team players big time, as Sunday's loss to the Anaheim Ducks showed.

The Blues are 5-5-1 at home this year, which is a far cry from the domination they showed last year. They really need Patrik Berglund to keep up his stellar run; Bergie has four goals in the last three games. The defense has also been contributing a bit too, with Kevin Shattenkirk getting two assists on Sunday, and Kris Russel being a +5 in his last six games.

The pieces are all there; the Blues' current home record is inexcusable. Can they turn it around? They have three games in a row to give it a shot. Tonight'd be a great night to start.

Check back later for your gameday preview, a Lighting the Lamp, the GDT, and a recap. Also, if anyone has the number of a good handyman for T.J. Oshie, let him know.

It's ok, Osh. I've been there, done that. Which is why my old dog is now at a farm. No, seriously, he's on a farm and he's happy -- I promise that is not a metaphor.