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Sharks At Blues Game Preview: Will The Blues Get Production From Everyone?

If the Blues have been getting great individual production from every line, then why can't they get it from the team as a whole?

Dilip Vishwanat

Sunday night's game was annoying on multiple levels. Little things here and there just prevented the game from coming together for the Blues; little things like -- oh, screw it. You already know what I'm getting ready to say: individual agendas.

"I don’t think we were tired; we did have a tough game (Saturday) but I think everybody looked good," said forward Ryan Reaves, who netted Blues’ first goal Sunday. "I think it’s just been kind of the same old story: Once a team starts pushing back in the third, we kind of start fading."

"It’s true," Berglund said. "It’s frustrating and it’s hard to talk about now, find the words. We talk a lot about being a four-line team and we need everybody. (But) everybody wasn’t there, including myself."

If one of the beat reporters who gets these guys on audio after the game could make a mix tape of every time they've said one of these quotes, I would put it up here on Game Time in a heartbeat. After every game where someone has a brainfart, I could just put a link to the audio and there, fastest recap ever.

Maybe what the guys need is a good old-fashioned influx of pep. Wouldn't it be something if, at some point on this homestand, Andy McDonald and Alex Steen returned? Wait... it's a possibility? You have to say something in favor of treading water in the standings with two of your best players injured. They come back, and it's almost as though you've signed two free agents... who already happen to have stalls in the locker room. How convienent.

The Sharks are off of a heartbreaking overtime loss against the Colorado Avalanche, in which this happened:

You don't think that's a metaphor for their season? The Sharks busted it that game, and that was their reward. They might be kind of cranky tonight. Hopefully the Blues can just keep piling on.