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GameThread for San Jose Sharks at St. Louis Blues, Mar 12, 2013

It's the last meeting for these two teams this regular season. So far, they've split the first two, with the road team winning each. Will the Blues get the edge over the floundering Sharks tonight?


Gee, wouldn't it be spiffy if the Blues could start the home stand off with a win? Wait, what goalie is in net tonight?

Jake Allen?The goalie that the team mysteriously seems to play better in front of? Ok then. Good to see. And Alex Steen? Possibly returning? Practicing on the power-play that has recently gone flat? Color my hopes a rosier shade of, um, rose.

The excitement and optimism that was so present at the start of this season and throughout all of last season's home games is gone, I won't lie. That could be for the best. The Blues need to get back to their dogged determinism and blue collar ways. I think they've more than learned that success has to be worked for. They busted their asses last year, so there's no reason for them to not do the same this year as well. In the games that they've worked, they'd played very well and won. In the games where they take shifts (or entire periods) off, they've been beaten. It's not a difficult thing to work out.

That is a hard working team,complete with two other hard working guys who should be re-joining them soon for a shot in the arm. It's great that Vladimir Tarasenko is skating again; his return'll be super helpful.

Tonight's the night the Blues need to knock the Sharks down a peg, if that's even possible any more. Let's do this. Let's go Blues.