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GTGT: Lady Sees The Blues

Come Pregame w/ our Very Own Hildymac!!

Dilip Vishwanat

Hey guys, our favoritest Thrashers fan EVAH is in town to catch the Blues in action Thursday and Saturday, amongst other things. On Thursday 03/14, we're pre-gaming at the newly-opened Flying Saucer downtown, next to the ballpark. Come join us, won't you?

The Flying Saucer is at 900 Spruce St, St Louis MO, 63102.

Their website is HERE

(basically, if you stood at the Musial statue, turned your back on the ballpark and looked away from it, you'd see a parking lot and then the Flying Saucer)

Start showing up around happy hour time, and start looking for the familiar faces! Hope to see you there!