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Coyotes At Blues Morning Open Thread: Will The Scoring Repeat?

The last time these two teams met up, the Blues exploded for six goals. Is this the offense we'll be seeing tonight?

Dilip Vishwanat

First off, a disclaimer: I am probably somewhere near Chattanooga as this posts. I've written everything but the re-cap for tonight's game on Wednesday, so if there's outdated information in here, that's why. Just discuss the right stuff in the comments instead.

Presumably after making 39 saves on Tuesday night, goaltender Jake Allen will be getting the go-ahead to try to improve his home record. The only two games that he has played at Scottrade Center have come against the San Jose Sharks, and in those two home games he's allowed a total of four goals. Not half bad. He's been a very pleasant surprise for the Blues this season, translating his middling effort in Peoria to a 6-1 record with the big boys. That could be more a reflection of the team in front of him as far as the Rivermen are concerned; when the Blues are in front of him, they seem to play a smarter game of hockey.

The one annoying habit that they persist in having is turnovers. By the end of the first period Tuesday, if my memory serves me correctly, they had nime turnovers to San Jose's two. This is bad. Their face-off percentage also could have been a little higher. Scott Nichol and Vladimir Sobotka had good numbers in the circle (67% and 57% respectively) but David Backes could have worked on his. He was just five-for-14 against the same guys that the fourth and third line guys were.

Go on and post predictions, line-up updates, and whatever else you want to in the comments. Here's hoping we see Alex Steen back tonight at the very least.