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GameThread for Anaheim Ducks at St. Louis Blues, Mar 16, 2013

Will the Blues keep their winning streak alive, or will they be bitten by the Ducks again this season?

Scott Rovak-USA TODAY Sports

Well, this is fancy:

The Blues have asked that media refer to forward "Alexander" Steen by his full first name. The veteran had gone by Alex since his arrival from Toronto several years ago, but it's now his preference to go by Alexander.

Note made. I guess, then, I need to mention that Alexander Steen scored a goal and two assists Thursday night against the Phoenix Coyotes, and that his line, with Chris Stewart and David Backes, was responsible for all of the scoring.

Tonight? Those three are back together to start the game. Perron, Berglund, and D'Agostini? Yup. Schwartz, Sobotka, and... Tarasenko? Whaa? Seems that was the practice line. Is Frank back tonight? Who knows, but the fact that he's this close to returning is a great sign that his recovery has gone well and has been a speedy one.

What was the difference in Thursday's game? Tempo, tempo tempo. What will help the Blues? Keeping up the good work, but also making sure that their defense maintain the super sharp awareness that they had on Thursday (Alex Pietrangelo falling over the puck notwithstanding).

Also helpful for the Blues will be the fact that Corey Perry's happy little self is still suspended.

This is your GDT. Go drink some green beer, dodge drunk people, and cheer on a win. See you tonight, everyone. Let's Go Blues.