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Vladimir Tarasenko To Return To Lineup Tonight Against Anaheim Ducks

As if the Blues' current streak of good play could get any better, well, it can. And will. Tonight:

Tarasenko has been out since he suffered a concussion on a huge hit by Mark Olver against the Colorado Avalanche back in February.

That was a scary, scary moment, and I'm sure that all of us are relieved that he's recovered so quickly and will be in the lineup tonight. Get ready for a huge explosion of noise at Scottrade when Frank hits the ice tonight. If he scores? They might have to call in some roof repair because there won't be one left on the building.

And, not that I'm bragging, but this happens when I'm in town. Also, Jake Allen gets his first shutout when I'm here. You're welcome, St. Louis. You're all very welcome.