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NHL Trade Rumors: Chris Stewart Isn't Going To Be Traded

Calm down, everyone. The Blues are looking for a missing puzzle piece, not hoping to get rid of one. Here's why Chris Stewart won't go anywhere.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

I'm back in Atlanta (woo), so I figure I might as well start working again. Vacation is over, large amounts of beer and toasted ravioli have been consumed, and it's time for a) a detox consisting of lots of seeds and veggies and b) me to write something.

Something that has been discussed a LOT recently has been this tweet a few days ago by Andy Strickland, that has been picked up on by a few other hockey media types:

Interesting. While it's about 110% true that Stewart's trade value is very high, I can think of 28 other reasons not to move him. What are those 28? Well, that's the number of points he has for the team, leading the second place scorer, David Perron, by eight. His 14 goals leads the team, his 14 assists have him tied with Alexander Steen for second. Right now, he has been the biggest source of offense the team has. So, by all means, ship him out for that missing left-side defenseman that Blues need so much... and then the team'll have to figure out some place to get Stewart's scoring punch.

Doug Armstrong does not want to create a gaping hole. He wants to fill one. Yes, you have to give something to get something, but why in the world would you want to give up the team's best player (as of right now). Hey, while you're at it, just trade Steen and Vladimir Sobotka too, since they seem to be scoring and setting up goals a lot.

Stewart was signed to a one year make or break RFA contract after a disappointing season last year, and he seems to be following T.J. Oshie's example of busting tail to make bank. It's working well for him, it's working well for the Blues. Why in the world would they ditch him?