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Blues Comeback Falls Short In 3-2 Loss At Canucks

Any team that spots a 3-0 lead to the Vancouver Canucks probably deserves to lose.

Stewart, put your gloves on and score a damn goal.
Stewart, put your gloves on and score a damn goal.
Rich Lam

You can't win them all. Especially when you give the Vancouver Canucks a 3-0 lead.

Well that was a lazy way to start this story. Which is fitting because that's what the Blues looked like in the second and obviously decisive period Tuesday night in Vancouver. St. Louis got the best of play in the first period and was rewarded with no goals. The Blues out-played the Canucks in the third and improved the score from 3-0 to 3-2. But it was too little, too late. I could write this entire thing using lazy cliches.

While Jake Allen allowed all three Vancouver goals, his teammates allowed the Canucks to buzz him. There was a lot of standing around with the team in white while the team with pretend TVs on their chest with a stick hockey stick (you know, a stick figure, just trust me) were flying around.

Some other things happened. Chris Stewart got into a fight. So did Ryan Reaves. Neither seemed to really fire up the Blues. And while some Game Time staffers (like the guy who writes the fight page in the paper) think Stewart fighting is a great thing. I think it keeps the Blues' best player off the ice for five minutes.

So I got into a little dispute on the Twitter tweets. Someone said that Vladimir Sobotka has been the MVP for St. Louis so far this season. And I thought it would be pertinent to reply with some sarcasm that of course he's more important than the dude who leads the team in goals and points because one guy has a hat trick and the other doesn't. Duh.I'm curious what you all think. Sure, No. 17 is versatile, but he's better as a defensive/energy source and too inconsistent to play on say the second line. Agree?

The power play was noticeably more active and dangerous and just a bit out of sync. With Andy McDonald coming back Tuesday and Vladimir Tarasenko on Saturday, there are some old faces who haven't been out there for awhile. It will take a bit of work for everyone to be back on the same page.

Hope you noticed Jaden Schwartz's goal. Not him. He just had to be in the right place for the puck to ricochet off his arm. No, I mean Tarasenko. The youngster found the quiet space on the ice where he could get his feet and stick setup to receive the puck and get his shot off quickly. Reminded me of a guy who used to wear No. 16 around these parts. It was pretty.

There was some hesitation shooting the puck. Alex Pietrangelo twice on the power play. Kevin Shattenkirk on the point. Chris Russell on the point. I could go on. But every time there was a pause, the defense rotated into position and Cory Schneider was square to the puck. The releases have to come faster, shooters need to be more aggressive.

It was a game the Blues could have won but probably didn't deserve to so don't sweat it. Just don't look at the standings. Because they are fucking frightening. The Blues are four points in front of Columbus. Who is in 10th place. Columbus. Yeah, we're going to be fucking sweating this thing until the end of April.

You, yes you. You can't leave a comment if you don't eat your meat.