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Blues At Oilers Morning Open Thread: Play A Full 60, Please.

The Blues reverted back to their old ways on Tuesday night, taking the second period off. It cost them; can they avoid that mistake tonight?

Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

The Edmonton Oilers are not a good team. Yes, they have some outstanding youth talent playing for them, and yes, they're a lot of fun to watch -- but they're not very good. They have no defense to speak of and their goaltending is still growing. Devan Dubnyk isn't at the starting goaltender level quite yet, but he's learning through trial by fire, so good for him.

The last time the Blues and the Oilers met up, the Blues took a little time off in the first and second periods to bust their butts for a come from behind victory. That's great, and do-able, against Edmonton. Obviously it's not a do-able against the Vancouver Canucks, as the guys learned earlier this week. Will that lesson transfer over to Edmonton, or will there be some proactive interference coming in from the lesson they learned earlier this season. Hopefully not -- while the Oilers aren't the Canucks, they're also capable of quick-fire offense. If the Blues defense is off, even for a period, it won't matter how terrible Edmonton's defense is. The damage is already done.

This is your morning prediction thread -- will Taylor Hall enact revenge on me again for comparing him to a horse in an upcoming post? Probably. Place your predictions below.