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Blues At Oilers Game Recap: Blues Win 3-0 In Drama Free Game

The Blues weren't about flash tonight, and it served them well in their victory over the Edmonton Oilers.

Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

See, when you put your nose to the grindstone, good things happen. Just make the plays keep your head clean, and play the game crisply like it should be, and you win -- which is exactly what happened for the Blues tonight. It wasn't a flashy game, the offense wasn't necessarily mind-blowing, but it was serviceable, and it was solid, and it got the Blues a win.

Chris Stewart opened the scoring just 3:20 into the first period.

Stewart just lets 'er rip from the top of the circle, and in it goes under Khabibulin's pads. No flash, nothing special -- just a goal.

Alexander Steen's goal in the third period was a bit prettier, seeing a how he basically assisted on it as well. Hand eye coordiantion is underrated.

Steen easily swatted the rebound past Khabby, and why? Because he didn't quit on the play after the shot. He kept on going, not taking even a second off.

T.J. Oshie's goal also was a solid showing of sticktoitiveness. Teej drives the net for his nonchalant flip past Khabby, to put the Blues up 3-0. That flip in was a great metaphor for the game. It was what needed to be done, and should have been done.

The whole game was - the Blues plugged away, and they got the win. Granted, yes, I almost fell asleep during the matchup, but part of that was because Rexall's crowd was so silent. The other part was because this wasn't an exciting game. You know what? I'd rather take a dull win over an exciting loss. Two points are two points, and these two help keep pace with the rest of the playoff teams in the Western Conference.

Tomorrow night is also another chance for the Blues to snag two against the generally weak Calgary Flames. No, the Blues won't get Iginla from Calgary, but they might well get a win.

Congrats tonight as well on Jaroslav Halak's 16th shutout as a Blue, tying Glenn Hall's record. One more, and he's alone in the recordbooks as having the most shutouts for a Blues goaltender.