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Blues At Flames Preview: Blues Need To Keep On Rolling To End Road Trip

The Calgary Flames aren't in much of a position to give the Blues a challenge tonight, but they're also capable of offensive spurts that can catch a team off guard.

Derek Leung

Well, will you look at that -- Ken Hitchcock isn't just rewarding wins anymore, he's back to rewarding shutouts. Good sign!

Finally, the Blues' goaltending situation's calmed down enough to where Hitchcock can go back to rewarding goalies for big stuff, because a win is expected. What a novel concept. Calgary coach Bob Hartley doesn't have that kind of luxury, however. His team's in second to last place in the Western Conference, and a full 10 points behind the Blues. They've got a goal differential of -19. Mikka Kipprusoff has allowed five goals in his last two starts. Not total -- in each game.

Chris Stewart should have a grand old time tonight. He has eight goals and seven assists over the last nine games. He's probably the last player that a team who is on a three game losing streak wants to see. Too bad. Calgary's going to get a damn good look at him tonight.