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GameThread for St. Louis Blues at Calgary Flames, Mar 24, 2013

Baby it's cold outside... maybe a tilt against the Calgary Flames can warm things up?

Dale MacMillan

Ok, so, nine or so inches of snow is a lot of snow, and sure, your kids (and maybe even you!) will have a three day weekend thanks to it. Do you have all of your bread, milk, and eggs? French toast ready to go? Excellent! While you're already trapped in your home, why not flip on the Blues game and hang out in the GameDay Thread?

The Blues will be taking on the reeling Calgary Flames, who just have not been good this season. They've been so bad that their captain, Jarome Iginla, has actually released a sheet of teams who he'd waive his NTC to go toould-accept-trade/. Who are they? Boston, Pittsburgh, Chicago, and Los Angeles. Two of those teams are in the Western Conference, and normally it's a bad idea to trade with your foes, but the Flames are so bad that actually doesn't even matter.

How Jay Feaster has a job should confuse you; how Jaroslav Halak is starting tonight should not. He has 16 shutouts as a Blue, tying Glenn Hall's record. Gotta reward those shutouts; hopefully the Blues will reward Halak's solid play with some good play of their own.

This is your gameday thread. Get some hot chocolate, get warm, and get ready to watch some Flames get burnt. Let's go Blues.