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GameThread for Edmonton Oilers at St. Louis Blues, Mar 26, 2013

After a road trip that didn't end as well as it should have, the Blues need to snag two points and get on the right track against the Edmonton Oilers.

Dilip Vishwanat

The Blues played well during their three game western Canada road trip. It's a shame that they weren't able to go three for three in wins. They had a chance to win every game, and only managed to win against tonight's opponent, the Edmonton Oilers. The Blues win a lot against Edmonton, and they embarrassed Nikolai Khabibulin the last time out.

Which is why, of course, he's starting in net for the Oilers tonight.

The Blues have Jake Allen back in after Jaroslav Halak and the Blues lost to the Calgary Flames on Sunday. One weird second with Wade Redden knocking Halak off of the pipe, and the Blues lose. Let's not have tonight's game come down to such nitpicking details, shall we?

This is your game day thread. Grab a beer, grab something warm to snack on, and enjoy. Hopefully you've dug yourself out of the snow enough for a beer run; for the adventurous of you, enjoy the game at Scottrade tonight. Let's go Blues.