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Kings At Blues Game Preview: Blues Need To Standings Watch

It's never a good idea to worry about what everyone else around you is doing... or is it?

Dilip Vishwanat

Yeah, you don't care what other people around you think of you. You don't use them as a touchstone for what you need to do, you take care of your own business. You do what you want, when you want it.

Like win. Or play a full 60 minutes. Or buy into your coach's system. You know, things like that.

Sometimes a quick glance at the people around you can tell you if you're looking like a dumbass or not, or if you're doing something socially unacceptable. Maybe it's time for the Blues to take a glance around them in the Western Conference standings.

Western Standings

Chicago Blackhawks 32 25-4-3 53
Anaheim Ducks 33 22-7-4 48
Minnesota Wild 32 20-10-2 42
Vancouver Canucks 33 18-9-6 42
Detroit Red Wings 33 17-11-5 39
Los Angeles Kings 32 18-12-2 38
St. Louis Blues 32 17-13-2 36
San Jose Sharks 32 15-11-6 36
Nashville Predators 33 14-13-6 34
Dallas Stars 32 15-14-3 33
Columbus Blue Jackets 33 13-13-7 33
Edmonton Oilers 32 12-13-7 31
Phoenix Coyotes 33 13-15-5 31
Calgary Flames 32 13-15-4 30
Colorado Avalanche 32 11-17-4 26

Oh. That's... that's getting not good. If they want home ice advantage in the playoffs, they need to bridge that gap with the Canucks. If they want to BE in the playoffs, they need to start winning some games. Nashville's just two points behind, and Columbus is just three. Looking at these standings are sobering for fans; they should be a wake up call for the team.

Tonight will be Jaroslav Halak's turn back in the pipes. He played well after Jake Allen was pulled on Tuesday, but he also didn't have to face the kind of shots that Allen had to face. Maybe if the Blues keep firing and play smart -- like they did the last period and a half-ish against Edmonton -- they can limit the damage. Maybe, just maybe, if they stop squeezing their sticks and focus a bit more, they'll pot a couple of goals. We can only hope.