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Blues At Stars Morning Open Thread

It's an early game in Dallas, as the Blues hope to start a new winning streak behind Brian Elliott.

Ronald Martinez

Brian Elliott hasn't had the best season so far. He began ok, and then Jaroslav Halak's injury forced him into the limelight for five straight games. In those games, he allowed 20 goals total. His stats took a nosedive, with a .849 SV% and a 3.57 GAA. All of that happened in a short period of time, so it stands to reason he can rebound in a short period of time too, right?

Elliott's getting tonight to start his rebound. He hasn't played since February 11th, and you can't have a backup sitting for that long, both for confidence reasons and just general rustiness concern. Hopefully the Blues' defense will hold the shots to the minimum for his sake like they did Friday night against the Oilers. Dallas winds up getting about 28 shots off a game, and as Blues fans are well aware of, Elliott isn't exactly been good at stopping a lot of those.

This is your early morning open thread. It's also an early afternoon game, so check back in a little bit for a full preview and GameDay Thread, which'll probably be combined and up around 11:00 or so. Make sure you remember puck drop is at 2:00, so grab some early afternoon beer and curl up on the couch for a lazy Sunday.