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GameThread for St. Louis Blues at Dallas Stars, Mar 3, 2013

The Blues are starting a westward road trip this afternoon. Will it be started on the right foot against the Dallas Stars?


So, what edition of the St. Louis Blues are we seeing this afternoon? Will we get the team that froze up against the Chicago Blackhawks? Will we see the team that took on the Edmonton Oilers, the one that came back from a two goal deficit to win 4-2? Who knows. The last time that they played the Stars, the Blues got off to an early lead only to lose it, so they had to fight back for the win. Maybe it's this weird combination that we'll be seeing this afternoon.

I'm sure that Kari Lehtonen's hoping for the apathetic edition of the Blues. He's played well against the team, going 7-2-0 against them. But then again, the Blues are countering with goaltending powerhouse Brian Elliott, so anything is possible!

Well, last season's goaltending powerhouse Brian Elliott. This season he really needs to regain his confidence. I have faith, now that Jaroslav Halak's back, that Elliott will -- he just needs that push. He's not a number one goalie, and that's ok. For today he better be a winning goalie. He needs it, and so do the Blues.

This is your gameday thread. Grab a beer, a bag of chips, and relax on the couch for some afternoon hockey. Let's go Blues.