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GTGT: Who Else Needs A Drink?

The Next Game Time Get Together Is This Weekend.

No, Antti .... you're not invited to the GTGT
No, Antti .... you're not invited to the GTGT
Thearon W. Henderson

It's been too long since we had one!

This Saturday, March 9th, come to Cousin Hugo's in Maplewood, MO, watch the afternoon game against San Jose, and toss back a few cold ones with your fellow GameTimers. We've had a few gatherings there before, and we've always had a good time.

Cousin Hugo's is at

3233 Laclede Station Road

Maplewood, MO 63143.

map is HERE

The game starts at 3PM St Louis time, so let's start showing up around 2:30ish. Even if you can't make it yourself, please talk it up online. There will be a Facebook event set up, and invites sent there. Also, there will be some talk on Twitter, so please RT.

Hope to see you there!!!