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Blues At Kings Morning Open Thread

On their second stop of the Westward Hooooooo roadtrip, the Blues will be stopping in to see the Stanley Cup Champion Los Angeles Kings. Hopefully it'll end better than the last time these two teams met.


Here's to not hearing the word "revenge" in association to tonight's game. The Kings don't give a damn who they're playing -- their goal is to win. The Blues? Ditto. I'm about 110% sure that revenge for the playoffs or revenge for their 4-1 loss back on February 13th is the last thing on their mind.

The first thing on their mind needs to be how to score a damn goal. Aside from the four-spot they put up against the Oilers, the Blues haven't scored more than two goals since February 17th. You can't place all the blame for the Blues' problems this season on Brian Elliott and the team's extended losing streak. They've had plenty of time to fix it.

Hey! Maybe Jason Arnott's the answer! Nah. Nice to see him get over being benched in the playoffs because he's old. Maybe he finally took a glance at the calendar.

Speaking of glancing at the calendar, I noticed that today's game is a late one, starting at 9:30. Today's game day stuff'll be a bit more spread out to accommodate the later start time. There will be a Road Music, and I'm going to try to get a hold of the nice folks at Jewels From The Crown to do a three questions. Preview and GDT are of course on the slate, with a recap written by someone who can stay up on a worknight (not me).

Because, you know, I'd hate to stay up late just to be disappointed.