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GameThread for St. Louis Blues at Los Angeles Kings, Mar 5, 2013

Tonight's game has a late 9:30 start for the Blues -- will they make staying up worthwhile?

Harry How

I'm not a huge fan of West Coast roadtrips for one really huge reason -- I can't ever seem to stay awake for the games. This isn't a commentary on the teams playing in the least; it's just that being someone with a job that necessitates waking up early means that I'm conked out pretty early at night. Everything should just be in the Central Time Zone, which I like to call God's Own Time Zone. This Pacific Time thing is for the birds.

Or, in tonight's case, it's for the Kings. Jonathan Bernier will be in goal, not Jonathan Quick -- but the last time the Blues saw Bernier he allowed just one goal. He very nearly had a shutout last night, and would love to get one tonight. If the Blues keep turning the puck over instead of putting the puck on net, he might not have a problem.

Jaroslav Halak is back in net for the Blues. He has a great record against the Kings -- he's 6-2-0 in his career with a 1.70 GAA, a .935 SV %, and two shutouts. Try not to get depressed and think about what could have been last year in the playoffs, ok?

This is your gameday thread. Drink some coffee and get comfortable on the couch -- but not too comfie. I'd hate for you to fall asleep before puck drop.

Let's do this. Let's go - Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.