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Blues At Coyotes Morning Open Thread

Will tonight be the night that the Blues play a full 60 minutes? How many of you guys are staying up a little late to find out?

Christian Petersen

Sean and Brad are bullet point kings, especially in post-game wrap-ups. I've never tried them, so I figured why not be sarcastic and try them here before I write the game preview? Maybe get everything out of my system a little bit? Whenever my teams go on protracted losing streaks, my anger tends to exhibit it through my favorite coping mechanism. Here goes.

  • Play a full sixty min- you know what? I'm tired of typing that. Does that even need to be said?
  • Team build somehow a little more effectively than seeing the most recent Exorcist movie. The only thing that accomplished was giving the media a meme to run with. Heck, I even made a crack about it yesterday. "blah blah horror movie on ice blah blah third period."
  • I know that "feelings are bad" in the locker room right now. You know what fixes bad feelings? Other than alcohol? Winning! It's weird. You guys should really try it.
  • Jake Allen got called up for a reason. You know shit's bad when you have to have three goalies just in case one of them has a moment when he forgets what his profession is.
  • Phoenix is a good team, but they're beatable. That means don't go into the game thinking that they're beatable, as that will cause you to stop playing and lose.

If anyone has any other bullets toss 'em in the comments. Be sure to check back over the course of the day for updates, a game thread, and hopefully a recap that isn't filled with anger.