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Blues At Coyotes GameDay : Blues Need A Bounceback Game

The Coyotes were shut-out by the Anaheim Ducks last night, while the Blues need to rebound from a demoralizing game on Tuesday. Which team will want the win more?

Christian Petersen

Is it do or die time yet? Yup. March apparently turns into that time for hockey teams regardless of if the seasons are 82 games or 48. The Blues only have 26 games left, and if they continue their current trend (5-4-1 over their last 10), then chances are good that they're out of the playoff picture. Other teams are more than keeping pace with them, which makes massive collapses like Tuesday's 6-4 loss to the Los Angeles Kings even more painful.

What's going to fix the Blues? Jake Allen! No, just kidding -- it's going to take a lot more. Jake's still willing to try to do all that he can to right the ship, though.

"I still feel like I’m just going to play my game," Allen said. "That’s what I did last time. I went in and played my game, and things went well for me. I have some confidence under my belt now, a little bit more experience, so I sort of know to expect. I look forward to whatever challenge I get."

If ever the term "famous last words" were applicable, there you go.

David Perron has a goal and an assist in his last two games, and Chris Stewart has been pretty hot recently. He has four points in his last five games, and was pretty dominant over the Los Angeles Kings. Too bad that he had to poke the sleeping beast by antagonizing them. That's just a bad idea to do to any team, but to the reigning Stanley Cup champions? That probably could have been better thought out.

Can the Blues win tonight? Of course. They could have won every game that they've lost so far this season if they'd just actually played the whole 60 minutes. The penalty kill and the power play are working; maybe tonight the rest of the team's strategy can work too.