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GameThread for St. Louis Blues at Phoenix Coyotes, Mar 7, 2013

Will tonight be the night where the Blues play like we know that they can for a full game, or will it be more of the same? No one likes a tease, you know.

Christian Petersen

Tease, tease, tease. That's something this Blues team has been really good with this season. All they seem to do is get our hopes up, like they did Tuesday night, before smashing them into teeny shards. Then stomping on said dreams. With their skates still on.

None of us are too happy right now. Bernie Miklasz ripped them a new one today (please to ignore it when he says "ties," when I'm assuming he means overtime losses/is in denial about the shootout, as we all should be). His whole column tells the Blues to get off of their asses and man up better than I ever could.

In their eight losses and two ties since Feb.1, the Blues have been outscored 17-0 after the second period.

This is not a typo or factual error.

This is your team.

During the 5-8-2 slump the Blues have blown leads in five of their losses, including the 0-2 start to this vital five-game road trip.

The meltdown in LA was a microcosm of the Blues’ crazy season. There was a fast and furious start. There was an inexplicable lapse in commitment. There were foolish turnovers. They were undermined by bad-angle goals. The Blues could not handle adversity. They collapsed.

Well, yes, that's pretty accurate. In summary, I'm going to quote a good friend of mine who used to scream this at the Thrashers after she was drunk enough -- which usually meant a beer.


This is your game day thread. Find your big girl or big boy panties and pray that the Blues found theirs too.