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Blues At Sharks Morning Thread

After a convincing victory over the Phoenix Coyotes Thursday night, fans can be forgiven for trying to figure out what team will show up this afternoon.

Jason O. Watson-US PRESSWIRE

So, the last time the Blues played the Sharks, it was a defensively tight game that ended in a 2-1 loss, breaking the Shars losing streak. Since then, the Blues have gone 3-3-1, and the Sharks have gone 3-3-1 as well. Neither team has played their style of hockey consistently this season, and it's been frustrating for their fans and ours as well.

Honestly, it's next to impossible to predict the outcome of this game, or any Blues game. You might get a full 60 minutes of hockey, or you might get 45. You might get a 6-3 domination session that we saw last Thursday night against the Phoenix Coyotes, or else you're getting a tease like the 6-4 loss to the Kings.

After the defeat of the 'Yotes, do you feel better going into this afternoon's game? Puck drop is at 3:00, and is on FSMW in the St. Louis area. If you're out of the area, it'll be a NHL Network broadcast. Enjoy not having to say up until 1:30 in to morning to watch hockey, and if you're going to the GTGT, have a beer for me.

Check back later for some Road Music, a Three Questions with Fear the Fin (I promise it's happening this time!) a game preview, and the GDT with a recap. Enjoy your Saturday!