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Blues At Sharks GameDay Preview: Will The Momentum Carry?

The Blues won against the Phoenix Coyotes in a deciding style -- can they do the same to a Sharks team who can't find their mojo?

Thearon W. Henderson

Blues' fans cant be faulted for being a little confused right now. The team puts on a dominant performance in LA for two periods, stops playing, and then loses 6-4. The Blues put on a dominant performance in Phoenix for three periods (!) and wins, 6-3. What's going to happen today?

Who knows. Will the second line of David Perron, Patrik Berglund, and Chris Stewart continue scoring goals and plowing over everything in sight? Hope so. Will the top line wake up? Maybe. Can Scott Nichol score again? Probably not, but if he does I'm assuming that it's a sign that the current problems are over.

Honestly, Blues coach Ken Hitchcock is probably closer to reality when he says that "[they]have a ways to go." You can't expect things to get turned around within a game, but I don't think it unreasonable to at least hope that things get turned around fairly soon considering how much time is left on this shortened season.

They will have a good opponent to get started against. In their last ten games, the Sharks are 4-4-2, and have had scoring issues a plenty. At least the Blues offense got that cleared up, scoring ten goals total for the last two games. Two of those goals came from Patrik Berglund last night, who apparently has woken up. Who's the next player to finally get going? Sure would be spiffy to see the captain light the lamp a few times today.

The Sharks are an impressine 7-1-3 at home so far this season, but the Blues'd love nothing more than to drain the Shark Tank this afternoon. Is it a possibility? Sure! Is it a sure fire thing? No.

Jake Allen'll get a chance to improve his record to 5-1 tonight, so it very well could be a win for the Blues tonight at the Chum Bucket. Halak will be starting tomorrow night against the Anaheim Ducks.