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David Backes And Barret Jackman Kiss Puppies For Adopt-A-Pet

Here's your evening pallet cleanser. After a hard day's work, what's better than a puppy and some Blues hockey?

Barret Jackman, his wife Jenny, and a new special bud.
Barret Jackman, his wife Jenny, and a new special bud.

This happened a while ago, and the video was just picked up by Puck Daddy -- David Backes and Barret Jackman (along with their wives) participated in the Great American Pooch Smooch and Kitty Kiss back on February 10. The event was held at various metro St. Louis animal shelters to raise awareness that shelter dogs and cats need love and a home, and not just the cute little puppies and kittens.

Jackman and Backes are both very vocal supporters of animals and shelter adoptions, so having them participate isn't exactly a shocker. What is shocking is just how absolutely adorable this video is:

As the proud mom of a shelter cat (who if you know me you know is the absolute center of my world, and no, I am not a crazy cat lady), I think it's great to get the message out that these guys need love, and they need homes. Thank you to Backes and Jackman for helping once again to get the word out.

This is our captain, people:


And this is the defenseman who constantly pisses opposition players and fans off: