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Blues At Wild Morning Open Thread: The Battle For Sixth Place Begins

The Blues and Wild are pretty close together in the standings -- if the Blues want to crawl up to 4th place and home ice advantage, they're going to have to take out the Wild tonight.

Hannah Foslien

The last time the Blues and the Wild squared off, Jaroslav Halak broke his groin and Brian Elliott started on his path to resurgence. The Blues were a bubble team, and the Wild were in first place in the Northwest. Now? The Wild're in seventh place and the Blues are in sixth, both with 46 points. If the Blues continue at the same rate that they've been playing, they could ver well work their way up to home ice advantage by the end of the season. That'd be swell.

Brian Elliott will be back in net again tonight. His back to back shutouts of the Detroit Red Wings and Nashville Predators have lowered his goals against average to underneath 3.00 for the first time since the start of the season -- right now he's at 2.89. His save percentage is up to .884, so things are coming together. Better late than never, and better late in the season than to lose it all together.

Please feel free to make any and all game day predictions here, folks. I'll be back later with a preview, we'll have some road music all up in this biznatch, and then the game thread.